Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My kitten, Pumpkin, had pinkeye for about 2 weeks... tried 2 different medications and it's *finally* gone!  The 3 other cats got it and the last cat is just about over it.  PHEW!  This has been a nightmare!  Chasing them away from eachother has not been fun or easy!!  I can't believe Peanut (the pup) didn't get it!), thankfully so!  Broke my heart to see them all so miserable. :( 

Anyway, been home sick for 2 days myself w/ a bad sore throat.  Going back to work tomorrow (ugh)... have some pictures to post of some stuff I made.  Instead of resting I was cooking!

Stay tuned! :)


  1. oh no :( i cannot imagine how irritating that would be do deal with-i really can't! that sounds like a nightmare. poor kitties :(

  2. Thanks! :) It has been a nightmare! Now this morning my black & white kitty, Maya, looked like her eye was irritated AGAIN. Benny, the gray and white little guy was keeping one eye 1/2 closed also today. OMG!! I want to shoot myself! I have to wrestle them down to try to get the meds. in their eyes and it just kills me. :( I hope they look better by the time I get home. AND.. I hope the others don't catch it again! :::fingers crossed:::